Who is this wiseguy anyway?

For more than 25 years, I’ve been making a living as a ‘working creative’ across diverse disciplines including design, writing, and strategy with a focus on digital and user experience. I’ve taken on several creative roles throughout my career and I never seem to be able to leave any of these skill sets behind – sometimes to my own demise… I design, I write, I conceptualize, I research, I analyse, I strategize… and I learn. Every. Day.

Working for myself and often by myself, I continue to practice, challenge, refine and depend on my ever-evolving creative process. And in so doing I continue to raise my value. You see, I believe that your creative process can and should define you. Using how you THINK  to improve how you DO.

My blog is designed to help creative professionals when they find themselves struggling. As anyone paid to ‘be creative’ knows, it can be a difficult to maintain our confidence, continue to hone our skills, and love what we do when we are presented with so many common hurdles. Not the least of which is to be better, faster and cheaper at every turn.

Creative Pause provides professionals with the tools, guidance and support they need to do their best work, by focusing on their individual talents, uncovering their passions, and realizing their purpose as a person unequivocally valued for their ‘demonstrated’ creative talents. We provide a variety of custom learning packages to groups and individuals including facilitated learning sessions, public speaking engagements, training curriculums and programs, and career development planning.

So welcome to Creative Pause, and I hope you find my stories helpful.

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