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In Celebration of the Best. Moms. Ever.

An homage to the amazing women in my life

Today is Mother’s Day. It is also my day to post therefore pause. When I think of how important mothers have been throughout my life, it’s serendipitous to be able to write about them on this time-honoured occasion.

Today is particularly significant for a couple reasons relating to the two ladies who are the most special and important to me.

For the first time, my own mother is no longer here to celebrate with us. As tragic as this may seem, I’m actually good with it. You see, it’s my personal belief that she’s where she wants and needs to be, wherever that is, and in that I find peace.

For 88 years Jackie was on this Earth, and for more than 60 of them she was a mother, and a wonderful one at that. Not necessarily because she was a perfect mother (although some would argue that), but because she never stopped trying to be a better one. Ever.

When she passed away earlier this year, she left me with a peace that I will always appreciate. She was done her journey to ‘better’ and was now embarking on her next adventure, whatever that is, without us. That’s just life.

I love you Mom, and that love continues to grow even after you had to go. It lives in the women you raised and shaped into wonderful mothers themselves: Your daughters and daughters-in-law, your granddaughters and great-granddaughters. In them you are not only present, but unforgettable.

Today I have another special reason and woman to celebrate. The one and only love of my life, Simone. Anyone who knows her understands where I’m coming from. For those who don’t, there’s something new to celebrate about Momma Simone this year.

One year ago, Simone was celebrating motherhood on an entirely new level. She was celebrating the survival of her one of her children. After a fearless fight, our 18-year-old son, her ‘baby boy’ was officially cancer-free. She had everything she could ever want, and she had all her children (yeah, me too) with her to celebrate this magical event.

Reflecting on this post, I realize the common thread these two women have woven into my life. It is this: In this life you make commitments. The value of these commitments rests not in the commitments themselves but in the investment you make in them. The relationships you deem most important to you, require your greatest attention and deepest love. Through these, you commit to being better every day. That is motherhood at its best.I’ve been given the gift of a mother’s love twofold. I am blessed and humbled by two women who have loved me, shaped me, and make me better every day.

Simone, you are beautiful, you are my beloved and u r da bomb. I love you.

To both my Mom and my wife, I celebrate you today. Happy Mother’s Day.

SP Wiseguy

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