Normal – Old or New – Is Overrated

Remind me why we’re striving for normal, again?

Everything seems different right now. There is no ‘normal’, so we talk about a ‘new normal’. We get impatient for pandemic life to ‘normalize’ (I’m not sure what that means). All we want to do is know the future and prepare for what normal will be. Sounds logical – NOT.

Ok, Wiseguy. What’s your point?

I’m not sure, but going back to normal may not be something I want to strive for. Normal has rarely been good for me. Just not my thing, I guess. Maybe that’s why I’m enjoying making the most of this time.

We randomly chose today to honour my brilliant daughter for graduating from University. Not as planned of course, but we did the best we could, and she appreciated every bit of it. Her closest childhood friends were watching from a responsible distance in the backyard. Her nearest and dearest University chums, fellow grads, and extended family joined in via Zoom from across the country.

Her Mom and little sister planned and executed every detail. The champagne, the collage of uni-life photos from the past four years, the homemade banners and decorations, the flowers and the yummy Costco chocolate tuxedo cake… All I had to do was show up and be Dad, say something witty and sweet, and be proud – no brainer.

Needless to say, our homemade pomp and circumstance was a hit. It was a lot less fussy than it sounds – believe me. We held it early in the afternoon to be timezone friendly. There were silly toasts, lots of laughs, big smiles and so many ‘little’ things to remember.

What I’ll cherish most about this ad-hoc graduation event is how little it takes to make a big impact these days. In the absence of a normal, It’s so easy to surprise and delight. I will look back on today and remember the faces most:

  • Curious neighbours watching from their yards, cheering her on
  • Friends’ beaming faces popping up on screen as each offered my daughter congratulations
  • My daughter’s grinning in her humble way trying to take it all in
    • All within the 40-minute limit of a zoom call!

An hour after her grand entrance, I am sitting at my computer ready to write this post. A post I’ve been struggling with since I first woke up this morning. That is until this great little event happened and I felt so content, so ok. Everything is tidy and put away. The remaining champagne is back in the fridge, and everyone is back to their own new normal. I feels good to have made the best of a sucky situation. I realize there’s a lot to appreciate these days, it’s just up to to us to see it. Celebrate it.

I’m thankful for my family now more than ever, and for the time we are being forced to have together. Honestly, I never thought the five of us would be living together under one roof again. Yet here we are, managing better than I ever expected, adapting to what is around and in front of us right now.

Am I feeling like things are getting back to normal? Nope. Is that OK? Absolutely.

I dare say we are thriving… but may be that 2pm glass of champagne talking.

I’ll summarize with what today’s pause and celebration taught me. Good people tend to be at their best when things get tough, often not realizing this as it’s happening. Well people, I see a lot of good people doing their best right now. So many good people in need of a bit of celebration. So let’s not wait until normal is back. Finds new things to celebrate in new ways, appreciating what’s not normal in any we can. It is undeniable, this time will be a time we will never forget. Let’s make it memorable and worry about normal another time.

You know what? Fuck normal. It’s overrated. I like how Jodie Foster said it:

“Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from.”

Have a memorable week my friends,

SP Wiseguy

1 thought on “Normal – Old or New – Is Overrated”

  1. First of all Congrats Mikaila.
    You are so wise, SP Wiseguy. Seize the moment, no time like the present, live in the moment and all of those other go to lines. Don’t wait to celebrate the good in life. Thank you again for your special kind of sharing.


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