Creative Pause is on Pause. Lots of S#!T to figure out…

All I’ll say is this. I’m going through a monumentally challenging time, and it has been an excellent thought provoker. With that, I want to take some time to absorb what’s being thrown at me and my family at this time, and turn it all into something positive and inspiring for myself and all of you. So, I’m taking a creative pause from Creative Pause. Or at least stepping back from it a bit.

But in the meantime, I promise to share things that I feel support my passion for respecting our own creativity, and doing awesome things as a result.

This article was curated for me by and I loved it. I hope you do too.

Thoughts on How to Create A Meaningful Life Through Meaningful Work

Paul Keefe Performance and Wellness Coach / Founder of Venova Wellness in Winnipeg.

Thanks Paul Keefe for this great article.

Enjoy and share your comments friends. Take care of yourselves.

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