Shall we begin? My first blog post. EVER.

Hello! I’m Sean Patrick. I’m a freelance ‘creative’ entrepreneur, family guy, and wanna-be author, working from my home in Oakville,Ontario. I’m also the man behind this baby – my very own passion project that is my first step toward removing wanna-be from that last descriptor I just shared.

This website is the place where I share my thoughts and experiences whenever I take a creative pause. My hope is that I’m able to learn and ultimately demonstrate how important it is for any working creative to stop and think, in order be your best creative self. Let’s raise our own value as working creatives, and answer with confidence the question we are frequently asked, by ourselves more than anyone,“What are you worth?”

What is your creativity worth?

To best help answer that question, I share personal experiences – my own and those of my peers – that inform and inspire working creatives to better understand and appreciate not only their talent, but the value they provide by being invaluable in other less apparent and unique ways. My personal and (hopefully) expanding network is rich with diverse and uniquely talented individuals that share in the common daily struggle of the ‘working creative’ just trying to make a living. As a closet lover of research, I’ve spent many years compiling data and insights related to creativity as a valuable and marketable asset. I do my best to share this information within my narrative, as I believe it is crucial to validate any personal insight I offer in order to provide an objective perspective.

My goal here is definitely self-serving (as I believe any personal goal should be), but I fully intend Creative Pause to have a halo effect on others like me. Its purpose is to address the question I think I stopped asking myself during times of personal and professional struggle throughout my career, and that is “How can I be better?”

My particular focus is on self-improvement tips and guiidance, supported by experience and relevant research I can find. And trust me, there’s a LOT out there.

I believe that our creative talent is often undervalued and the biggest culprit is our own self.

Of course we are heavily influenced by the creative industry in which we choose to play. However, I believe it’s up to us to recognize, appreciate and define our unique creative value before we allow others to do it for us.

You’ll only ever make what you think you’re worth.

A very wise man once told me this at a crucial time in my career, and it changed my life, and continues to do so every day, raising my value simply by trying to be better.

CreativePause is where I aim to show you how.

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